Accounting Software

For accounting software we can:

  • supply the software
  • install it for you
  • set it up to do what you want
  • teach you how to use it properly
  • acquaint you with some of the common mistakes other people make


We use and recommend the following software:


This is an acronym for “Mind your own Business”. A complete accounting system that comes in four levels from the basic to very advanced multi-user.

Quicken or QuickBooks

A group of applications for accounting from the several types that go under the name “Quicken” to more types that go under the name “QuickBooks”. Capabilities vary from one type to another and range from the basic to very advanced multi-user.

PC Cash Flow Manager

Actually a cash book. Ideal for those who do not want to be bothered with an accounting system. It is formatted like the hand-written style of cash book. An invoicing module can be added as an extra.

Which is best?

We do not prefer any type above another. However, we are prepared to guide clients in their selection based on:

  • what they want the software to do for them
  • the skills of the user
  • our knowledge of the capabilities of each software and their strengths and shortcomings. (On this point, disregard the advertising blurb of the software manufacturers – they do not believe their software has any shortcomings! For the same reason ignore what each software manufacturer says about the other’s software’s alleged deficiencies).

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