We can assist you in all of your accounting requirements.

What is the difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping? There is no quick answer since the two tend to overlap. However, you might like to consider the following:

Bookkeeping is the process of preparing the accounts.

Accounting includes the interpretation, classification and adjustment of accounts for the purpose of preparing meaningful reports. Accounting also includes taxation, budgeting, costing and measurement of results against a standard or another accounting period.

We can help you to set up your accounts so that you get the information you want in the most efficient manner. There needs to be a note of caution here: what you want from a set of accounts needs to be balanced against the effort required to achieve it. You may want the moon, but the process may be so complicated that it is not worth the effort. We can guide you in the process of deciding what is best for you.

On the other hand, we can do all or any of the accounting things for you.

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