Many business people, who enjoy their business and are good at it, detest bookkeeping! They regard it as an unpleasant chore. There is a general rule that, if you do not like doing something, you will not be good at it and mistakes will be made. If you are this type of person, we may be able to help you.

Yes, we can keep your business records for you!

Broadly, there are three approaches we can take:

  • We can keep your records on our computer. This will entail your giving to us your cheque book(s), bank deposits, invoices, bills, bank statements and any other relevant documents for the period. And when we are finished, we hand them back to you with financial reports. The disadvantage with this method is that we have your records for a time and this may inconvenience you. Also if we have a query, sorting it out may take more time.
  • We can keep your records on your computer. This involves attending your office and entering the transactions on your computer.
  • You may like to consider entering the basic transactions (i.e. sales and purchases) yourself and have us attend regularly (say, once per month) to check things over and make month-end journals etc. This has the advantage of saving cost and you know that the accounts are correct. Some of our clients take this approach and they are pleased with the results.

Don (see the Home page) is a qualified accountant. Professional quality is assured.

Read also the “Why keep records?” and “GST” pages.