I worked for eight years for Chartered Accountants who specialised in insolvency practice. This was during a period known in Australia as the “mad eighties”, when many businesses (and others) became insolvent. Insolvency, in Australia, usually means liquidation or receivership in the case of corporations, or bankruptcy in the case of individuals.

While working in this field, I gained some expertise in investigations. This included some fairly complex company arrangements. The work entailed:

Report writing Instructing solicitors Giving evidence in court
Risk assessment Liaising with authorities Liaising with creditors
Tracing assets Collecting debts Arranging auctions

Contingency fees are available in selected cases requiring investigation. This of course will be the subject to negotiation. If you have a problem and you do not want “to throw away good money after bad”, I am prepared to consider ways of helping you so that you pay me only in the event of success. You must understand that this way is much more expensive if I succeed, but you pay nothing if not successful. You may discuss this in confidence by contacting us or submitting the form on the Contact Us page.